08 Sep 2006 --Harvest of Pahang Gold(1555) and Sapphire Golds (1545) & Rose Gold (8939)
看种鱼,买小鱼' 计划- 彭亨金金底过背(702033330001555)及蓝宝石紫蓝底过背 (702033330001545) 08/09/2006 收成

Dear All,
When we called the AVA to book an appointment for the harvest inspection, we were told 'why are there a few farms choosing this auspicious day for harvesting?' Well, we thought the date sounded good enough for a bountiful harvest, so why not? We were not disappointed, it was indeed an auspicious day.

Our renowned Pahang Gold brooder (tag ending 1555) has produced his second offering this year. The first was on 16 May 2006 (not featured on this website) and today he has not disappointed us, yet again. Do enjoy the pictures.
Best regards.

大家好, 当我们和新加坡政府机构农粮局 (AVA) 预约到我们的鱼场为龙鱼收成做检验时,我们被问'为什么有一些 鱼场为龙鱼收成亦选择同一天?' 因为我们认为日期听起来对 饱满的收成是吉祥的,何乐而不为呢?我们并没有失望,它确实是吉祥的一天。

我们显耀的彭亨金金底过背种亲鱼 (微型晶片702033330001555) 刚刚生产他今年的第二次仔鱼。第一次是在2006 年5月16 日(没有在这个 网站谈及) 此外,他今天也没有辜负我们。

A rather familiar sight by now ......

The action is about to begin, are you ready?

A few pair of tiny little eyes, catching their first glimpses of this magical world.

In the midst of the action, one inch fries were being released from the mouth cavity.

Presumably, this is our best shot of the day, agree?

Finally, he can rest for the next few months, but hopefully, not for too long a period.

Some 31 cuties laying at the bottom of the harvest net.

A not so familiar sight but is one of our older brooders. Fries are known to have spoon heads.

About to pry open this brooder's brooding pouch.

The very first shot of a series of harvest shots.

Rather tame brooder with a pleasant disposition.

More and more fries were being released, much to our astonishment.

Still ongoing, never stopping ......

At last, the very last few fries were out of their father's mouth.

A good 40pcs of fertilised eggs in the net before their transfer to the Quarantine building.

A F4 generation, first time Rose Gold brooder. Age is about 3 years old.

Carrying a small brood, thus nothing much had come out of it's mouth during the first attempt.

More fries followed, and note its small golden head features.

The bulk of the harvest is coming out ....

Even more had followed soon after.

The last few pieces of fries were finally out.

A side profile had reviewed the brooder's strong base contrast, full pearlies, and slight golden head features.

A total of 16 fries plus two unfertilised eggs from this very young brooder.