02 Aug 2006 --The Birth of Ruby Reds

Dear All,
As mentioned in our previous posting, we will try and capture some Ruby Reds harvest pictures for all to share. Today, we had harvested a very small brood of a mere 16 fries from a huge-sized quality brooder. But since most Reds are much bigger in size compared to the Golden arowanas, it would be much harder to capture the moment of fries being extracted out of their mouths as they tend to be more jumpy.

Best regards.

''看种鱼,买小鱼" 计划-红宝石红龙的诞生(702088880006405)
如在我们的早先投稿被提及, 为了所有人能分享, 我们将尝试并且夺取一些红宝石红龙收成图片. 今天, 我们收获了一个仅仅16尾非常小窝的鱼。 但,因为多数红龙是比金龙较大, 还有因为他们更倾向于 会乱跳,拍摄拔出嘴里面小鱼的那珍贵片刻是更加困难的。

One of the alpha males in the pond.

A struggling young male, tossing and turning even when the water is alot cooler at 9am.

Much more aggressive than their golden counterparts.

Once provoked, most of them would spill their fries out .... no need to pry open their mouths.

Doing a final check for any fry stucked in the cavity.

Tag number of the brooder being scanned for record purposes.

Catching a first glimpse of these wriggling fries.

Bagged for transfer to the Quarantine area - see you in 5 months time!