10 June 2006 --Harvest of F4 Pahang Gold & F3 Ruby Reds

Dear All,
We are glad to announce the recent harvest of a F3 Pahang Gold (from our renowned Pahang Gold F2 brooder tag ending with 1555). After a long wait of about 3-4 years, we were not disappointed as we were rewarded with a bountiful harvest of some 49pcs F4 generation fry ...

In addition, we also harvested 38 Ruby reds from 3 Ruby Red brooders, very small harvests compared to Cross Back brooders. Currently, there are no Red harvest pictures because most Reds are known to be poorer brooders - they sometimes panicked and spill out their fry even before any attempt to pry open their brooding pouch. But we will try our best to take some good Red harvest pictures the next time. Kindly wait for our updates.

Have a good time reviewing these uncut pictures.

我们非常高兴地宣布F3彭亨金的最新收成(它是我们显耀的F2亲鱼,微型晶片702033330001555 的后代)。在慢长的3-4年等待以后, 我们未曾失望,等待奖励我们的是49尾F4世代仔鱼.

另外, 我们也收获了38尾红宝石红龙仔鱼。它们是3尾红宝石红龙亲鱼总体所生。 与过背金比较,这红龙实际上是非常小的收成了。 当前, 没有红龙收成图片,因为多数红龙是比较差的孵卵鱼种。有时在企图撬开它们的嘴以前, 他们已经恐慌的会溢出他们的仔鱼. 但我们将设法于下次拍一些更好的红龙收成相片。 请亲切等待我们的更新。


Just for the records, the tag number of the brooder is one ending 8635.

The very first try at opening the brooder's brooding pouch.

A struggling young male .....

Rather aggressive, as compared to the other F4 Sapphire Gold brooder.

Still swaying its head from left to right, and vice versa.

Its a comparatively longer process, due to the huge number of fry today - 49 fry (with 2 unfertilised ones).

The final attempt.

One final shot before letting the brooder go .... note its fully crossed back (three and a half years old) and stunning golden head features.

A side view profile has confirmed these high quality Xback indicators - fully developed little pearls, high base colour contrast, high gold intensity, well defined thick-framed scales, and scissors bite mouth.

Some DFI captive bred Ruby reds for sale - most of them are of the spoon head type, sharp pointed mouth and lastly, come with very high body.

Top view pictures of young Ruby Reds, showing off its red finnages and red barbels.

Some of the Ruby Red fry harvested on 09 June 2006. Note that their egg sacs are mostly bigger compared to the Golden arowanas.