05 June 2006 --Harvest of F4 Sapphire Gold Xbacks

Dear All,
While we have already harvested our F4 generation Royal Blue xbacks some years ago, we only harvested our F4 generation Sapphire Gold xbacks today. F3 brooders were placed in the mud ponds in the year 2002 and they are now already 4 years old, a ripe age for adult xbacks to start to hold their eggs well.
Selection criterion for these F3 brooders were based on the following factors - good gold intensity, high base colour contrast, spoon head, sissors bite mouth, and golden head features. Due to these stringent requirements, not more than a hundred fishes made the grade. But we are still very happy that they have started to reproduce their offsprings and am really looking forward to seeing the growth of these fry in the next 4-5 months.
Have a good time reviewing these uncensored pictures, taken using sequential shots.
虽然我们已于几年前收获了我们的F4 世代皇室蓝过背金, 我们只在今天收获了我们的F4 世代蓝宝石紫蓝底过背金。 F3的种鱼已经早在2002 年被安置了在泥池塘里栽培,而且他们现在已经4 岁, 到达 一个可以开始孵好蛋的成熟年龄. 选择这些F3种鱼标准是根据以下因素- 重金质感、高底色对比、 汤匙头、吻合嘴 和头顶带金黄线/金黄块的特点。由于这些要求较高, 能够令人满意的F3种鱼不超过一百条。 尽管如此, 因为它们此刻已经开始生产他们的子孙后代,我们仍然感到非常愉快。同时,我们也很盼望看到它们 在未来4-5 个月内的成长。


Tag number of brooder, ending 8651. Scanned for the AVA officer so that he could note it down and counter-check with older DFI records kept by them.

The brooder has been spotted, and netted for closer inspection. The very first picture of a series of shots.

Details of the golden head features could clearly be seen from this picture.

About to pry open the mouth, with the first time brooder being rather tame.

Out they come, those precious little gems .........

More followed after the first attempt.

The bulk of the harvest, some 30 fry.

Our favourite picture of the day!

The final attempt to clear the mouth cavity of the brooder.

Finally, the stressful moments are over for this brooder. .

A parting, blurry shot of the head region of the brooder.