2005 X'mas Special Sale--Rose Gold Xback Golden

Dear All,
Once a year, we try to have some special sales. This time round, we are letting go 12pcs of Rose Gold Cross Back Goldens (Grade AA+) at special prices. Sizes are 9-10 inches, defects free, with Golden Head features. They belonged to a same batch of fishes, therefore, are very compatible with each other (no torn fins). Prices, S$2,888 each only, special discounts for a 8pcs or 9pcs community tank (please check with the petshop). Stocks are low, so hurry. Thank you.

If you are interested, kindly approach any one of the undermentioned LFS in Singapore -

1. Aro Pacific, tel 62889505
2. Arowana World, tel 62836493
3. Clementi Aquarium, tel 67778468 (names in alphabetical order)