The very best Cross Backs you can find! The exquisite, EMERALD BLUE.

Emerald Blue is a registered trademark of our company, Dragon Fish Industry. It is developed through selective breeding in order to acheive the bluish-green sheen on the scales. Young fishes are available through booking now, 15-18cm each. Prices will be quoted upon enquiry.

An exceptional Emerald Blue with very deep bluish green sheen among neatly arranged scales, 35cm.

Close up view of the head area. Note the deep red eyes, they can kill!

Ultra thin frame scales with colouration up to the whole of 5th row scales, 35cm.

Mini refined scales near the base of the dorsal fin are the prerequisites of a good XBack.

A younger Emerald blue with rather deep colouration, 30cm.

The same fish as above.

Emerald Blue with an extra touch - metallic sheen! This fish has already been reserved, sorry! (38cm)

A younger fish with good potential. Note the colouration had just begun near the dorsal fin, 25cm.

Another good specimen with large finnage and high body, 36cm.