Some Recent Harvests

Hi All,
Due in part to the recent heat spell in Singapore, there have been more harvests than usual. Hence, we

had thought of posting up some new pics for all to share. Hope you guys would enjoy viewing them.

Thank you.

A Golden Head xback. This fish is purportedly, a male.



A Sapphire Gold Golden Head xback. Based on its features and behaviour, we have reasons to suspect it to be a very young male.




A thicker frame, Sapphire Gold Golden Head xback.




A Sapphire Gold Xback brooder, with ultra-thin frame scales and purplish scales. It is being consoled while gasping for air.



The moment of glory!



Yet another out-of-this-world Sapphire Gold Golden Head Xback.


This harvest, conducted on 26 April 2004, had yielded only 22pcs of 1.5 inches fries.


A new Golden Head brooder, with very thin frame scales. Panting and struggling, it was real hard to pry open its mouth, esp. for such first time brooders.


The same 4 year old brooder as above. Suspected to be a female in the first place, but found to be brooding now?



The only close-up shot on the head region that we had managed to grasp.


Out came 20 something fries, measuring only one inch long. Can you separate the arowana fries from those free-swimming guppies? Shouldn’t be difficult.


As usual, an AVA officer would be informed well in advance for the harvest. They would be present to countercheck the brooder’s tag number with that of their existing DFI brooder records.


Some of the adult Xback brooders, waiting to be inspected one by one.



Can you distinguish the 2 brooders from this picture? Well, at least make a guess and answers would be provided below …..



From this picture, the top most and the third from the top, are brooders. Total yield on 03 May 2004, about 50 young xbacks only.