Rose Gold XBack Golden Harvest on 12 January, 2004.

Dear All,
We really cannot recall as to when was the last time we had posted up pictures for all to share. We apologise if you had been waiting for newer updates on our farm. Anyway, here it is, our first harvest in the New Year 2004. Its a harvest of our trademarked fish, the Rose Gold Xback golden, a F3 generation Super red and Xback gold crossbreed.

Do enjoy viewing these pictures. Click on Photos for more details.

William waiting for the 'right one' to come along, probably a male brooder with, hopefully, a bulging pouch of fries! But he need not wait long, as the third fish that he inspects today, is THE ONE.

As with all Singapore CITES arowana farms' harvests, an AVA officer will be here for the harvest inspection. They would oversee the whole harvesting process, and most notably, record down the brooder's tag number to double check with their existing records. Do note, however, that this is an uniquely Singaporean way of doing things, as farms in Malaysia and Indonesia are not subjected to such harvest inspections by their authorities.

A good looking female Rose Gold, is today's brood hers? Frankly, no one could answer this question as female arowanas normally do not incubate their own eggs.

The Rose Gold xback seen here is a 4 year old fish with obvious purplish shine on the 6th row, note its intensity.

Another outstanding brooder, with the fully developed 'little pearls' , all well formed below the 3 back fins.

Another view of yet a different brooder. Like the full body - very long and extremely broad, of this fish?

After some exciting mouth prying moments, the results are rather disappointing for today's harvest, a total of only 23pcs of half inch fries........But since these are 'gifts' from Heaven, we are thankful for whatever the outcome maybe.

Close up shot of today's results - orange coloured egg sacs with wriggling fries, waiting to be transferred to the glass tank for tender, loving care.

A full body shot of a typical, 6 inch Rose Gold xback, graded AA. Look at the well defined coloured rims on each scale, and more importantly, its long and broad body.

A final look on the much emphasised, dorsal fin area. Can you see the well developed little pearls and unique colour base, somewhat similar to a normal xback but somehow, appeared unique?