Aquarama 2003 Preview

Hi Everyone,
Once in every two years, Singapore organises a world class fish event, called the Aquarama. As usual, we have taken up a booth at the forthcoming exhibition, starting from 30 October to 2 November 2003.

Showcasing at our booth, number 356, will be our locally produced fishes - Sapphire gold xbacks, Royal Blue xbacks, Rose gold xbacks, etc etc. But most of the attention will, of course, be drawn to our DFI captive bred, AA+ and AAA+ grade Sapphire gold xbacks. This particular batch of xbacks are only 7 inches in total length, however, most have 5th row colouration full as well as on the 6th row edges. And as with all high quality xbacks, little pearls below the dorsal fin area are already VERY PROMINENT at a mere 7 inches.

Also, not forgetting the much desired, and rare, golden head features for these highly sought after xbacks! See to believe and see to appreciate.

Enjoy and thanks for reading.

Click on the photos to see the details.

A special piece of AAA+ golden head, Sapphire gold xback. Note the fully crossed 6th row scales and the golden lines cum golden patches on its forehead? This young fish with its superb colour development can certainly claim an 'OUT OF THIS WORLD' title! What do you guys think?

A close up shot of the head area, need I say more?

Another close up shot of the dorsal fin area, with fully developed LITTLE PEARLS at a mere 7 inches?! As mentioned before, for average grade xbacks, little pearls are only this prominent at 10-14 inches, not at 6-7 inches. Therefore, this fish is certainly not the norm!

An unique Platinum xback? No, its just a normal blue based xback. Placed in a black tank for about a week, the bluish tone is already evident. Wait till you see it at Aquarama, which is about 3 weeks from now, the whole fish would have become more bluish-purplish.

From the same batch of Sapphire gold xbacks, these fishes are thus all brothers and sisters. Now, focus on those heads!!!

A full length shot of another Sapphire gold xback, AA+ grade. Note the forthcoming bluish tone on the body, its colour will continue to deepen as the weeks go by........Will follow up with another update in 3 weeks time.

Take a last and final look at the above fish, this time round, the focus point is again on the dorsal fin area.............Now, at 7 inches with such a development, this is what you may call, QUALITY STUFF!