Photos taken by Dragon Fish Industry

RUBY CHILLI RED, 18cm. Spoon shape head, large eyes, high body - a typical good Chilli red.

The same fish as above. Strong blue sheen on the high body. Pointed mouth.

RUBY CHILLI RED, 15cm. Spoon shape head and strong blue sheen.

The same fish as above. Balanced body shape with large 3 back fins.

RUBY CHILLI RED, 20cm. Very deep metallic blue sheen and a beautiful spoon head!

The same fish as above. Dark red on all the 3 back fins, not a single batch of white!

RUBY BLOOD RED, 15cm. Long and slim body with strong blue sheen and dark red 3 back fins.This Ruby is sold to Mr Luc

The same fish as above. Red lips and a balanced body-fin proportion.