Golden Head BMB Xback

Hi Everyone,
It has definitely been quite awhile since we last update you with our fishes. However, when opportunity strikes, we will do it all over again, just for you.........As you guys may already know, our Bukit Merah Blue xbacks are our F3 generation, blue based fishes. Thus, this special brood was produced by one of our older BMB brooder, about 8 years old and might be going into 'retirement' soon, since his production had already started to decline of late.

But, nevermind that 'QUANTITY' is not forthcoming from this brooder, as what matters most is still, 'QUALITY', agree? Thus, in this posting, we would like to share with you all, what a 5.5 inches juvenile xback can achieve - on top of the usual full colouration on the 5th row (which is rather common nowadays in the Spore pet scene), you can see partial little pearls beneath the dorsal fins developing, and voila, colouration starting on the edges of the 6th row scales!!! Now, these are the two unique points about this batch of AA+ xbacks - Little Pearls & Slight colouration on the 6th row edges!

Enjoy and thanks for reading.

Click on the photos to see the details.

Colouration on the 5th row full? Quite common these days, but how about developing little pearls and colour starting to climb the 6th row? All at a mere 5.5 inches..... now, this is what we call, the unparalleled DFI quality!

Full view of another young xback, with neatly arranged scales, again, full colour on the 5th row, and starting on the 6th.

A first close up shot of the dorsal fin area, showing partial developing little pearls. The fact is, an average quality xback would only develop such little pearls at about 10 or sometimes even, 12-14 inches. Thus, at 5.5 inches, its kind of rare indeed.

Another full body shot.

The most shocking scene........golden speckles on the head of 3pcs of xbacks in this brood of 25 fishes, now, that's even rarer!

Taken at another angle, you could see the 24K golden powder on its head, along with some colouration on the 6th row.

Another clearer picture, depicting the finer details of the area below the dorsal fin. This easily forgotten but nevertheless important trait of a quality xback is rarely evident in a 5.5 inches fish. In most common cases, good quality xbacks will develop such pearls at about 7-8 inches. Thus, the next time you go shopping for a good xback, do remember this crucial point, if you can. Thanks for reading.