2003 New Year Special!

Hi all,
Firstly, we at DFI wishes one and all, a very Happy & Prosperous New Year! For the start of a brand new year, we would like to introduce you all to our rare, out-of-this-world, AA+ and AAA grade xbacks. Currently, these fishes constitute less than 1% of our total xback production, thus, they are indeed very valuable and rare. For those few of you who are seeking something like 'a cut above the rest', these fishes are certainly your best investment! Do Enjoy! (Please note : All fishes were under anaesthetic, hence, eyes tend to droop a little. In real life, eyes are normal)
Click on the photos to see the details.

Fish Number 1 - AAA grade xback, US$7,000, 1 pc only.

An extraordinary young 6 inches xback with colouration fully developed on its back, hence, it had literally 'crosses its back' already! This AAA quality fish's shine is ultra solid, judging by the photos, you could see that its an extremely rare fish. A real collector's item so to speak.


Balanced body shape, coupled with tightly closed mouth. This is indeed a PERFECT specimen, need I say more?


Last picture of the above, Fish Number 1. Pectoral fins are smooth, finnages large for this unique fish. A kind of its own indeed.


Fish Number 2 - AAA + Xback US$9,000, 1 pc only.

A picture certainly paints a thousand words, isn't it? Size is only 8 inches, but the colour had fully developed on this unique fish. Barbels, fins, lower/upper jaw bite, are all PERFECT.


Close up shot of Fish Number 2. This shot tells it all, as to why it is graded AAA+. The '+' is meant for the golden dots on its forehead, another special feature of a top notch xback.


Last picture of Fish Number 2 shows a perfect body shape - rather high couple with balanced body. Scales are all very neatly arranged in this instance. A sight to behold!


Fish Number 3 - AA+ xback US$5,000, 12 pcs available.

This special batch of 12 fishes had colouration partially developed on its back, and yet, with golden dots/patches on its forehead! Its very very hard to find such a high quality batch, hence, we are glad to offer a handful to some of you out there.

Taking another closer look of Fish Number 3. Body shape, finnages, lower/upper jaw bite, are all normal too, for this batch of fishes.

The last shot of Fish Number 3, and probably the BEST SHOT? You could clearly see the golden lines, dots, patches on the forehead of this beautiful fish.........I guess, there is no need to say more, right? I shall let the picture 'speaks' for itself!