The Launch of DFI's Grade AA+ Xback Goldens

Hi all,
As mentioned previously, Grade AAA's are reserved for fully crossed over xbacks at a young age or for Platinum xbacks. But how about those with fully developed colour on the fifth row, and some colour on the sixth? And not to mention, golden powder on the head region? These 'Creme-de-la-creme' high end xbacks, are by no means MORE THAN Grade AA's. That is why, we came up with a new Grade AA+, just like the Japanese grading system for quality goldfishes, eg, Ranchus. Hope you all would enjoy the following pictures. It's always so nice to share something new and interesting with you all....
Click on the photos to see the details.

Picture taken under natural sunlight, fish under slight anaesthesia. Attention is to be drawn to the head region - golden powder can be seen above the eyes, behind the eyes and near the nostril area of the head. Colouration on the sixth level, could also be seen here. Fish size? Merely 6.5 inches?

Balanced body shape, coupled with tightly closed mouth. Mind you, NOT all xbacks are created equal. In fact, a good proportion of them from other arowana farms come with overshot under jaws. And not forgetting, of course, those shinny little pearls!!!

Top view of this top quality fish. Although picture is not very clear, however, you could still see colouration developing on the sixth row. Plus, perfectly straight pectoral fins and barbels, a beautiful sight to treasure, isn't it?

Close up shot of the nostril area of the arowana. See the golden speckles? They will probably grow into a larger patch of solid gold or remained as the present 'powder' form. Do note, however, only the top 1-2% of quality xbacks have these extraordinary features. Thus, its high asking price. Well, as they have always said, good things never come cheap...........