Hi all,
We had been real busy lately, thus have not post up new pictures for all to share for sometime. But when opportunity knocks, we remembered that we ought to share these precious moments with you all......... Do enjoy yourselves when browsing through these picures we had put together - JUST FOR YOU!

William posing with our Japanese client, Dr Akai from Tokyo Bay Arowana Pro Shop.

Another post with Mr Tsuji Hiroshi of Aqua Material Arowana Pro Shop, one of the largest Xback golden importers in Japan. We hereby thank Tsuji and Akai san, for their continual support of our quality Xbacks.

At 9.15am on 30 September 2002, we finally found our famed, 7 year old 'Golden Head' brooder, to be brooding again ........

Dr Akai san, Tsuji san and one of their esteemed customers specially flew to Singapore for this special event, thrilled they must be when they actually saw our legendery 'Golden Head'!

William and his assistant, carefully bag and carry the brooder from the pond. Judging by their looks, it must have been quite heavy with those water!

Finally, 'Golden Head' is safe and sound in the glass tank. Note its prominent jaw pouch? I am sure everyone's heart began to beat faster when they see this ..........

'Golden Head' panicks and releases a cluster of fries, with William giving him a comforting 'pat on the shoulder'.

Note its fully crossed over, deep metallic bluish scales? Plus, the well renowned 'golden patches' on its forehead!

Getting ready for the real action!

With a thumb in the brooder's jaw, William managed to pry open the reluctant brooder's mouth, and there's when all the action begins!

Out come more fries, measuring about 5-6cm long with huge egg sacs......gosh, what a breathless sight!

The final attempt to clear its mouth cavity of fries. For today, a total of 58 Xback fries, 29 from 'Golden Head' and 29 from another Xback brooder. Asian arowanas, an endangered species, produce on the average 20-30 fries per harvest, with about 80 being the maximum recorded so far. Our DFI record till this day? 59, from a RTG brooder.