It has been sometime since we last post up pictures of our harvests. So, here it is, precious shots of some of the recent Xback harvests. Do enjoy them.........

A new brooder, around 4 years old, with a good sprinkle of 'Golden Powder' on its forehead region, with superb thin frame scales.......We are all awaiting anxiously for its fry to grow up, in order to gauge its quality, something to look forward to, really!

DFI's pride and famed, GOLDEN HEAD xback! See its 2 solid patches of 24K gold and gold markings in between its eyes? These features are only to be seen in top notch xbacks, a very rare feature indeed. For this batch's fry, all 26 pcs will be kept by DFI for broodstock development as its female counterpart also share the SAME golden head features as the male!!!

Hence, its very hard to find the pair courting, and its by accident that Julia happen to see them together, right after spawning, floating on the water surface..........

A full top view of the Golden Head xback, waiting to be transferred to another new pond. Thanks, 'Golden Head', for working so hard for DFI, we truly salute you!

A relatively younger, 3 and a half years old Bukit Merah Blue xback. A video was filmed for this DFI's first ever, XBACK TANK HARVEST, for purposes of showing during trade exhibitions.

Take a closer look at this brooder's huge 3 back fins? You will not only find fully developed little pearls below the dorsal fin area, but another indicator of high end xbacks - gold powder 'brushed' on the tail region, take a closer look.

Now, you can clearly see the bulging dark area below its jaws, right? It was rather tame for this young brooder but sadly, it only offered us 21pcs of 2 inch fries.

William holding one of the day's catch, a happy and contended man indeed.

Clearer picture of one of the three batches of fries for that day, a total of 71 Xback fries from 3 brooders.

An unexpected harvest from a new brooder, fries that measure only 0.5 inch, about a few days old from hatching! It would take extra effort to raise these very young fries, as compared to 2 or 3 inches fries.

An AA grade, Bukit Merah Blue xback, only 20cm. Look at those gorgeous little pearls and guess what - golden powder 'brushed' on the tail, too!

A 35cm Emerald Blue xback, meant for the new Taiwanese market soon. It has got everything you ever wanted in a PERFECT xback - tightly closed mouth, sharp pointed head, little pearls, deep colouration up the 6th row, golden powder on the tail, long and broad body......its endless, haha!