We had visitors from AVA, Ministry of Trade and Industry in Singapore, as well as our friends Mr Alvin Koh and Mr Tan Teck Chye on this special harvest. Since Xbacks are the most pricey Asian Arowana variety to date, we cannot and will not harvest them in a glass tank as the risks of them jumping out, hurting themselves and our precious fries are rather high. Thus, we had no choice but to harvest them in the mud pond environment where the risk is almost zero.

But for other varieties like RTGs, and Reds, we will do so in the tank if possible, for everyone to enjoy. Or, if there are many guests/visitors for that specific harvest to make such an effort worthwhile. Hope to have your understanding on this.

Anyway, hope you would enjoy the pictures.

All visitors paying close attention to William's demonstration in the mud pond.

A snap of our friends, Mr Alvin Koh, on the left and Mr Tan Teck Chye. We sincerely thank them for being able to take time off during their busy schedule for this special harvest.

Dr Ling Kai Huat (centre in picture), Senior AVA Officer explaining to officers from the Ministry of Trade and Industry on dragonfish breeding.

Tedious and careful inspection of adult Xback brooders, one by one.

Ms Lye, Senior Singapore CITES officer, taking a curious glance at the result of today's harvest. After knowing Ms Lye for the past 6-7 years, we are very much honoured and delighted to have met her in person for the first time.

Taking a closer look of today's result, 39pcs of hard-earned, 1.5 inches long Xback fries.