THE BLUE DREAM! AA Grade Bukit Merah Blue Xbacks captive bred in DFI.

It has been a long four and a half months since we last post up pictures of our DFI bred, AA grade BMB xbacks for sales. The supply of these high end fishes are certainly quite low due in part to the opening of the Taiwanese market in January 2002. But we will definitely try our very best to 'reserve' some of them for our other discerning customers.

Hence, catch your breath and be mesmerized by the beauty of these 'Blue Dreams'.........

PS This current batch of Xbacks are all around 7 inches, all with shinny little pearls already developed near the dorsal fin area. Colour is 24K Gold intensity with great body shape.

Prices quoted are for Singapore sales only. Kindly contact Mr Ng at Joy Access Trading ,Tel 67555188.

As for Overseas sales, please contact your nearest DFI agent. Prices would vary depending on quantity and destination.
Thank you all!

Tag No: 702088880008394
Very deep colouration for such a young xback. Body shape is great with scales, neatly arranged. Selling S$3,388. (PS Its barbels had been cut due to an injury and is recovering well now).

Close up view of the above fish's shinny little pearls - below the dorsal fin, behind the tail fin and above the anal fin. Plus, colouration had already begun to climb the 6th row!

Tag No: 702088880008393
Ultra strong colours for this specimen! Body shape is also long and broad, with a large tail fin. Selling S$3,388. (PS Its barbels had been cut due to an injury and is recovering well now).

Tag No: 702088880008393
Same fish as above.
Look at the patch of solid gold behind its eyes! Most fishes from this batch has this important feature of a good xback. (picture is over-exposed).

Tag No: 702088880008403
Stunning colours with a 24K gold intensity even from afar, makes this fish a special one! Selling S$3,388. (PS Its tail fin was, however, cut due to an injury. It is now recovering well, no problems)

Tag No: 702088880008390
Attractive and lovely little pearls at all the 3 back fins! Body is long with a huge tail fin. Selling S$3,388.

Tag No: 702088880008167
Very well arranged scales and a balanced body shape are plus points for this unique fish. Selling S$3,388

Tag No: 702088880008386
For those of you going for a great body shape, this is one fish that will surely fulfill your most stringent criteria, its body is very broad! Colour wise, scales wise and little pearls, are all just as outstanding. Selling S$3,388

Tag No: 702088880008386
Same fish as above, Take a closer look of its 3 back fins' area - little pearls are indeed well developed for such a juvenile fish. (Picture is over-exposed)

Tag No: 702088880008380
Colour is very metallic for this smallest fish of the batch. Body shape is balanced coupled with nice little pearls. Selling S$3,388 (PS Its barbels had been cut due to an injury and is recovering well now).