CHINESE NEW YEAR 2002 SALES - Young Emerald Blue & Gold Based Xbacks

Due to the overwhelming response to our DFI captive bred Bukit Merah Blue Xbacks launched in December 2001, we are hereby launching our new Emerald Blue and Gold based Xbacks.

This batch of Xbacks are all around 7 inches, most with shinny little pearls already developed near the dorsal fin area. Colour is intense with perfect finnages.

For Singapore sales, kindly email us or call us for an appt. to view these quality fishes.
Please note: These fishes ARE NOT available at any of the local pet shops.

For Overseas sales, kindly contact your nearest DFI agent. Prices would vary depending on quantity and destination.
Thank you all!

Tag No: 702088880006785 Emerald Blue Xback at S$2,388. Among the seven fishes here, this one has got the broadest body! In time to come, this fish will display a massive look in terms of body shape. Colour is intense, with bluish green scales though little pearls are not yet obvious.

Tag No: 702088880008158 Emerald Blue Xback at S$2,588. Special features of this fish - little pearls have already developed though the picture did not capture it and golden streaks have extended well into the tail section.

Tag No: 702088880008152 Gold based Xback, most probably. Selling at S$2,588. Balanced body shape coupled with little pearls at the dorsal fin area (not prominent in picture). Golden streaks have also extended to the tail fin.

Tag No: 702088880008155 Gold based Xback, most probably. Selling at S$2,388. Great body shape with intense gold colours on gill plate, forehead etc. Little pearls not developed yet.

Tag No: 702088880008063 Gold based Xback, most probably. Selling S$2,588. Large finnages with superb body shape. Some little pearls already prominent.

Tag No: 702088880008146 Emerald Blue xback, selling at S$2,588. Solid intense colour with little pearls already developed. Finnages are large, too.

Tag No: 702088880008148 Gold based Xback, most probably. Selling S$2,588. Body shape and finnages are well balanced, with little pearls beginning to show.