In our continuous effort in bringing our customers, more and better choices, we visited one of the biggest arowana farms in Malaysia, SIANLON AQUATIC SDN BHD. Established since the early 1980's, the boss Mr Ng Hang Yong was one of the pioneers in breeding the high value arowana, Cross Back Golden. His farm in Yong Peng, Johor has about 80 standard sized mud ponds, all neatly streamlined and well placed.

It was indeed an eye opener for us, visiting the beautiful new farm for the first time. Sianlon breeds all types of arowanas, Cross Back goldens, Red tail goldens, Yellow Tails, X breed between Cross backs and Red, Super Reds, etc. Hopefully, we will be able to visit Sianlon again in the near future. All Sianlon Cross Backs featured here are of the Bukit Mearh Blue type, certified by the original Sianlon Certificate. Size, 6-7 inches approximately.

For Singapore sales, kindly email us or call us for an appt. to view these quality fishes.
Please note: These fishes ARE NOT available at any of the local pet shops.

For Overseas sales, kindly contact your nearest DFI agent. Prices would vary depending on quantity and destination.
Thank you all!

Standing on top of the viewing deck, an overview of the huge farm. Coconut and Ketapam trees were planted between ponds, and there were also over head shelters for some ponds.

One of the showrooms with tankfuls and tankfuls of young fishes, ready for sale and export.

A special shed built for the cultivation of fish feed - crickets, grasshoppers and cockcroaches etc (Julia don't even dare to go near!)

Mr Ng's nephew cum assistant, Ah Meng, bagging the chosen Cross Backs for tagging purposes.

Nice broad body for this young Bukit Merah Blue Cross back, 6.5-7 inches. Deep blue base with colour being developed at about 50% on the 5th row scales. Introductory price - S$2,588 each.

Another broad body young BMB Cross back. Colouration is very metallic for this specimen. Large finnages, too. Price - S$2,588 each.

A good looking youngster with longer body. All fin size and body shape are very balanced. Price - S$2,588 each.

Yet another broad body specimen, with deep colouration at such a young age. Price - S$2,588 each.

Neatly arranged scales coupled with nice body shape are the two main features of this fish. Price - S$2,588 each.

A superb fish with solid colours and good colour development on the 5th row. Price - S$2,588 each.

A great looker, with high body and matching finnages. Price - S$2,588 each.

An attractive fish with bluish green tone on the body. Body is rather high and finnages, large too. Price - S$2,588 each.

A good quality fish with prominent shines and colour development on the 5th row scales. Price - S$2,588 each.