This festive season, why not bring home a 'true-blue' DFI xback? These young Bukit Merah Blue xbacks are of top notch quality. Normally priced at S$3,500 and above, we are hereby letting go only 6pcs. And at very reasonable prices too, for such quality, that is. Discover the 'Blue' X'mas at DFI...........

Please note - all our DFI captive bred Xbacks have a spoon head, sharp pointing mouth. Both upper and lower jaws are tightly closed, hence, creating a so-called scissors bite. This is, of course, much more desirable than a rounded head fish with overshot/protruding lower jaws. Thus, you pay for what you get. It sure makes good economic sense to invest in a no genetic fault DFI xback. Cheers to all! Happy Holidays!

For Singapore sales, kindly email us or call us for an appt. to view these rare fishes.

For Overseas sales, kindly contact your nearest DFI agent. Prices would vary depending on quantity and destination.
Thank you all!

One of the criterion of a top notch, 'AA' grade xback are these shinny little pearls, exhibited near the dorsal, tail and anal fins. This little pearls are almost fully developed already, for such 6-7 inches fish. And it would apply to the first 4 fishes depicted here.

Metallic blue sheen coupled with a golden tag number, tag ending 6888. Colouration is 100% complete at the 5th level, with little pearls, well developed. Good Buy at only S$2,888.

Extremely high body and well defined scales, including little pearls. Golden Tag ending 6899. At only S$2,888, its a Superb Buy!


Good body shape comes with solid intense gold and blue are the key features of this fish. Little pearls well defined, tag ending 6789. Great Buy at only S$2,888.

Sold to Mr Tang.

A slightly smaller fish but with just as good shape and colour. Its a beauty with lots of potential. Little pearls included, tag ending 6878. Attractively priced at S$2,888.

Sold to Mr Tang.

A solid fish with colouration on the 5th row fully developed. Little pearls are not yet obvious though. Tag ending 6828. Selling S$2,588.


Yet another quality young fish. Fifth row colour is almost complete with very intense gold rimmed scales and blue core. Little pearls not prominent yet. Tag ending 8020. Must not missed, priced at S$2,588.