Due to our recent tight schedule, we had not been able to post up new pictures of our fishes. We sincerely apologise for that. However, its better late than never, right?

These Sumber Reds all have very red lips and barbels, dark red finnages, high body and deep blue sheen. Most of all, some even have slight orange colour on its gill plate already. All these pricey features, at a mere 6-7 inches.

Thus, check these beauties out, as soon as you can!

For Singapore sales, kindly email us or call us for an appt. to view these rare fishes.

For Overseas sales, kindly contact your nearest DFI agent. Prices would vary depending on quantity and destination.

Thank you all!

Extremely high body. Obvious colour on gill pate and deep blue sheen. S$1,800 only.


Balanced body shape with large finnages. Solid blue based fish. S$1,800 only.

Extremely high body and long barbels. Colour wise, deep blue. S$1,800 only.


Especially good colour coupled with balanced body. Long barbels, too. S$1,800 only.

Sold .

High body and large finnages for this special fish. S$1,800 each.

Quality Ruby Chilli at its best! At only 13 inches, this fish had already developed deep orange colour on its gill covers and scales' rims. Colour base, deep blue. Selling only S$3,288. Its a steal!

Yet another quality Ruby Chilli Red. More profound spoon head and orange rimed scales, this fish has got deeper blue colouration than the earlier Ruby. Hence, asking for S$3,588 (note- this picture was over-exposed, hence, the lighter colouration). See to believe its quality!

Fresh from the mud pond, thus the colour of this Emerald Blue xback appears 'wash out'. However, the bluish green based is still rather obvious under natural sunlight. See below for its pictures, one week immediately after this photo was taken.

A 13 inch, spoon head Emerald Blue at its optimal health. Scales are neatly arranged with colouration complete at the 5th level. Colour is metallic and very intense. Asking for only S$4,500. (tag 702088880008068)

The same Emerald Blue as above. Note the strong golden streaks on its head region? Mouth is tightly closed with no overshot jaws, an otherwise serious genetic fault.

Also fresh from the pond. This Bukit Merah Blue 'AA' grade xback has little pearls fully developed, colour on the 6th row already.

One week later, the above Bukit Merah Blue xback is swimming happily in its new environment. Colour has appeared to be very intense, strong and clear-cut, thin rimmed scales. Best price at S$5,000 only. (Tag 702088880008028)

A closer up view of the above Bukit xback. Note the shinny little pearls at the dorsal fin area?

A top view glance of our other quality, 12-14 inches xbacks. All priced between S$3,500-4,000, with colouration up on the 6th row scales.

Other quality xbacks that were just harvested from the outdoor mud pond. Colouration are all considered very desirable and intense, for this young age.

Yet another picture of a green based Xback.