Chilli Red Harvest on 17 Oct 2001

Initially planned on 18 October but due to our busy schedule, we had to harvest one day earlier. But the results were still satisfying. One 5 year old male Chilli red had given us 11 fries and 1 Siamese twin.
Though the brood was relatively small, we are not complaining since it is harder to breed Red arowanas than to breed Gold arowanas. Reasons being, the water conditions in Spore is very much different from that of Indonesia. Secondly, Red arowanas are often thought to be more sexually active in a later stage, say 5-20 years old while the Gold varieties, start their breeding cycle at age 3 but end it much earlier.

Thank you all for sharing. Download the movie clip if you have the time.

Click on the photo to download a mpeg video.

Prying open the male brooder's mouth who did not put up a very strong struggle.

Confirming that there were no more fries in its mouth. Its the fries' instinct to swim back into the mouth for protection against any possible danger.

The rare, Siamese twin Red arowana. Such twin incidents are thought to be more commonly seen in Red arowanas, as compared to Gold arowanas.

Fries were all about 2.5 inches, with the majority not free swimming yet. Note the Siamese twin on the left? Hopefully, they would survive and split into two fishes when bigger.