One of the bigger CITES arowana farms in Kalimantan, Indonesia is P.T. DINAMIKA KAPUAS. We are proud to introduce its premium fish, the 'Metal Red' for the first time in Singapore. This trademarked fish is currently very popular in Japan due in part to its metallic sheen when fully grown as well as relatively larger finnages.
The Metal Red, is created through 20 years of selective breeding, using only the most stringent criterion. Only a limited quantity of adult brooders are being used for this special programme. Hence, here we are, introducing 20 pcs of Metal Red for the local as well as export market. All fishes will come with their original certificates, hand written and certified by its director, Mr Jimmy Wijaya.
Only for this promotion, will the Metal Reds be offered at a down to earth price of S$1,888 each. Usual price for the next batch would be S$2,088 each. Due to the fact that this batch was tagged using Avid microchips, which only could be read by an Avid scanner, all fishes are now in DFI. Since most local shops do not carry the Avid scanner, interested parties are urged to contact their favourite petshop, mention the tag number of the fish concerned and place a deposit. Fishes will then be collected by the respective shop owner.
For Singapore local sales, please place your booking with
AMAZON PETS Tel 2780138 Mr Steven
For overseas sales, kindly contact your nearest DFI agent. Prices would vary depending on quantity and destination.
Thank you all for your support.
P.S. Our appreciation goes to Wan Hu Fish Farm for the loan of their Avid scanner. Special thanks to Ah Choon, their boss.

Tag number ending 828. Deep red finnages, spoon head.


Tag number ending 525 Ultra large finnages and high body.

Tag ending 785. Nice colour and tail fin shape.


Tag ending 354. High body and nice finnages.

Tag ending 610. High body and deep red fins.

Tag ending 871. Ultra high body and good colour.


Tag ending 048. Balanced body shape and spoon head.

Tag ending 853. Superb colour and nice dark lines on the fins.

Tag ending 594. Deep blue core and very large finnages.


Tag ending 106. Balanced shape and spoon head.

Tag ending 842. Large finnages and high body.

Tag ending 876. Long body with deep red fins.


Tag ending 627871. Nice body with diamond shaped tail.

Tag ending 614. Ultra high body with very huge fins.

Tag ending 017. Long body with diamond shape tail.

Tag ending 008. Long and broad body.

Tag ending 081. Balanced shape with nice finnages.

Tag ending 377. Broad body with nice fins.

Tag ending 337. Good colour and very red fins.

Tag ending 289. Spoonhead coupled with nice shine.


The Jarkarta showroom with lots of concrete tanks and glass tanks.

A 3 year old young Metal Red. Note the metallic shine on its shoulder with orange rimmed scales. Superb spoonhead with large finnages are two of its better known traits.

PT Dinamika Kapuas original certerficate. Beside Metal reds, they do carry Normal reds, RTGs, Banjar red, and Greens.

Workers scanning the DFI selected fishes. Note the 'iron like' Avid scanner on the right?

William taking a memorable shot with the young director, Mr Jimmy Wijaya. The farm was started by Jimmy's father.