An Update on Citra Reds - 2 weeks after arrival

Dear all,
We are hereby providing a small update on the Citra Reds, 2 weeks after their arrival at our Farm. Sizes are around 8-9 inches, but most fishes gill plates/cheeks are beginning to crack with colour, with some even seeing some form of early rim developments - all without tanning.

As their stocks are very low, prices slightly higher due to their bigger sizes and higher quality, we would start tanning these quality fishes so by the time they reaches 11-12 inches, hopefully, they would do the Citra brand proud.

Do sit back, relax and enjoy these newly taken pictures. Many thanks for reading.

Mrs Goh

Not all fishes are created equal - the top fish has a deeper blue sheen than the lower fish. Colour has started to crack on these fishes gill plates.

The most Spoon Head of the Citra Reds? Love thye deep blue sheen?

A very high bodied Citra Red with deep blue core. Long pectorals that extend beyond its pelvic fins, too.

A Citra Red with a longer and slimmer body, but with deep blue sheen and scissors bite mouth nonetheless.

Another Spoon Head Citra Red with gill plate cracking and deep blue core. Longer pectorals, too. (picture taken with hand phone)

A higher bodied Citra Red with a lovely diamond shaped tail. Deep blue sheen and longer pectorals, notwithstanding. (picture taken with hand phone)