First Shipment to Mauritius, 26th January, 2015

Dear all,
Among the numerous countries that we have shipped our Arowanas to, we have never ship our Xbacks to Mauritius, an island nation set in the Indian Ocean, some 2,000km off the coast of Africa. Much as we were surprised, we do in fact have a supporter in Mauritius who is keen in having a comm tank of our Xbacks as well as Mitra Reds. And so after some 2 weeks of waiting, we were able to send a shipment, albeit a small shipment, to our supporter in Mauritius.

The purchse process is actually quite simple -
1. inform us of your fish types, size and quantity. We will then issue you a Proforma Invoice for your 50-70% deposit.
2. once your deposit is in, we will apply for you the Singapore CITES export permit (ready in 2-3 working days, excluding weekends and PH).
3. you then use our Export permit to apply for your local CITES import permit.
4. once your Import permit is ready, pay us the balance payment, and fishes will be shipped in a matter of 5-7 days (as we need to starve your fishes and book the most convenient flight).

Therefore, hobbyists who are living in countries which allow the legal importation of Asian Arowanas, and are very keen in a comm tank of quality Xbacks and/or Reds, do email your enquiries to Our minimum quantity for export is only 8 Xbacks and Reds or if you only prefer Reds, 12 Reds alone.

Many thanks for reading.

Mrs Goh

A 24K Gold Xback with scissors bite mouth and Golden Lines on its head.

Some 24K Gold Xbacks destined for Mauritius.

A 24K Gold Xback with balanced body shape and strong gold tone (sorry for blurry picture as fish had refused to come to the front of tank).

A 24K Gold Xback with pearlies and a yellow throat.

Mitra Reds going to Mauritius soon.

3 cartons of fishes going to Mauritius. In each carton, we may be able to put 3-6 fishes depending on fish size, weighing somed 20kg. Most airlines minimum charge is between 50kg (short haul) to 100kg (long haul) a shipment. Thus, most farms will not ship you one or two Arowanas.

AVA's new security seals were then placed on the top as well as on the bottom of each carton boxes.