Pontianak Trip Part 4 - PT Inti Kapuas International (trademarked ShelookRED)

Dear all,
On our third day in Pontianak, we had visited a few farms. One of which is the famed, PT Inti Kapuas International, or better known as ShelookRED. As this was our second visit to this farm, we are rather familiar to its surroundings and thus worked more efficiently this time. As mentioned before, this has to be one of Indonesia's largest Super Red breeding farms which owns 5 farms in different locations in Kalimantan, and 6 Arowana Pro-shops throughout the major cities in Indonesia.

Though also located by the Kapuas River, this farm is accessed mainly through roads. And if you suffer from motion sickness or just have had a heavy meal, do be very careful as the journey to the Farm is through a long and very bumpy road - certainly not for the faint hearted or for the elderly!

And after the very successful launch of the last shipment of ShelookREDS, we realised that even after the last few fishes had been sold, enquiries had continued to pour in for this Farm's famous reds - certainly a very encouraging and positive sign. Hence, we thought we had to make this second trip soon .

Do enjoy a small preview of the Inti Kapuas International farm. The reviews of other farms will be put on hold till the actual fishes are in during the 3rd week of January, 2015. Many thanks for the forthcoming support, cheers!

Mrs Goh

The entrance to the ShelookRED farm, notice that there are no signboards being displayed at most of the Indonesian farms? Well, its the norm as the survival trick here seems to be - stay very low profile.

Rows and rows of two tiered tanks, kind of mind boggling! When you thought you have seen all of the fishes on display, then there is yet the bottom row ... physically strenuous especially when looking at those bottom tanks!

Some selected Blood reds - longer pectoral fins that extend beyond the pelvic fins, and relatively larger tails (nice!). Sorry for the blurry picture as this and the next picture were taken with a Hand Phone.

Another tankful of young Reds with very greenish based ...Sorry for the blurry picture.

Counted a total of 6 or 7 staff doing the tagging and recording of microchip numbers - well, when an Indonesian farm worker cost only about 10% of a Singaporean farm worker, you can surely afford that luxury.

Seeing RED?

After a tiring but fruitful day, its great to see a Rainbow, but will there a pot of gold waiting for us at the end of that Rainbow? Picture taken within the ShelookRED farm.

A busy roundabout in central Pontianak - but traffic here is much better than in Singapore or Bangkok.

Jalan Gajah Mada - the core of Chinatown in Pontianak. Only about 10% of the local population here are ethnic Chinese. And among the Chinese here, most are of the Teochew and Hakka dialects.

A stricking monument just outside the Equatorial Monument in Pontianak. See what's being featured at the bottom of this monument? Needless to say, the answer is very obvious. Thank you all for viewing.