Pontianak Trip Part 3 - PD Citra Landak Lestari

Dear all,
After the first day of travelling from Singapore to Pontianak in the West Kalimantan province of Indonesia, and choosing the fishes at the Cahaya farm, we rested very early and very well indeed. This was due mainly to a lack of sleep the previous day (got to get up at 5am for an early morning flight), as well as, aching bodies and muscles (all the squating and kneeling in front of those awkward tanks!). And we know, too, that tomorrow is yet another tiring day ahead.

On our second day in Pontianak, we had met the Boss of our second farm to visit, Mr Walujan at the Hotel's lobby area. A common face at most Indonesian Arowana Competitions, sometimes as a Judge and others as a Referee, we were most happy to chat with this Red arowana farm owner. Amongst one of the older farms in Pontianak, the actual farm itself is not too big in size. However, like other farm owners, Mr Walujan, too, had purchased the land next to his present farm for future expansion - a positive sign that the market demand for Red arowanas is still very strong (thanks to China's strong demands, we guess).

After about a 45 minutes car ride and another 10-15 minutes of motor boat ride, we had arrived at the Citra Landak farm. Located just next to the River Landak (different from the River Kapuas), the water here seems to be clearer as pollution is said to be minimal. But due to the fact that we had arrived during noon at the farm, it was very difficult to see the Red brooders in the mud ponds since they are fed early morning and around sunset time when the temperatures are lower. However, we do see many goats and chicken running about, roaming free in the farm - what a great difference to our normal hectic city life.

Do enjoy a small preview of the Citra Landak farm. More reviews of other farms are coming up, hence, do keep a lookout for our new threads. Many thanks for the forthcoming support, cheers!

Mrs Goh

On the River Landak, these floating cages are quite a common sight. These farmers keep mostly food fishes for local consumption.

After slightly more than an hours of travelling from downtown Pontianak, we have arrived at the Citra Landak farm, which is accessed mainly through the River. William is in yellow T, on the right.

A glimpse of this older but renowed CITES registered Red arowana breeding farm. Like the rest of the Indonesian farms which we had visited earlier, several watch towers were built here for security reasons.

Another huge Red arowana breeding pond using water pumped directly from the River Landak (with no added treatment or whatsoever).

A tankful of Red arowana fries from a single brooder. Wanna guess its quantity for this single brood? Answer will be provided at the last picture of this thread. Do make a wild guess ...

Close up of some LIMITED EDITION Chilli Reds at 8-9 inches, with obvious spoon heads and a very high/broad body. Very red lips & red barbels, too. Surprised to find one special Short Body fish from this batch, too.

Wanted to select more from this brood of 31pcs of quality Chilli Reds but alas, stock levels are pretty low for the moment. So ended up buying some Chilli and Blood Reds at 6 inches, too (no pictures, sorry). Yet another 6 inch Short body Red, so a total of 2pcs of Short Bodies from Citra.

Mr Walujan tagging our selected 8-9 inches Reds ... Like us, a very hands on Boss indeed.

Holding up these Limited Edition Chilli Reds for a view of their deep Blue Core just before tagging. Aren't they Cantik ? (beautiful in Malay).

The front and back portions of the Citra Landak Certificates. (Answer to the earlier question - more than 60 fries in a single brood!).