Closing 2014 with a Sweet Note.

Dear all,
After a short vacation, we rushed back to Singapore just to fulfill our last shipment of the year, a shipment of 92 Xbacks and Reds to Japan. As with all his previous shipments, our Japanese client has taken the trouble to fly 7 hours from Tokyo to Singapore, select his favourite fishes, then fly back to Tokyo again the very next day. This has left us very little time to showcase Singapore to him, except to treat him to a very nice lunch ... wished we had more time to bring him to visit some new Singapore sights the next time.

Anyway, do enjoy these 'fresh from the oven' new pictures. Here's wishing one & all, A very Merry X'mas & A HAPPY New 2015. Cheers to Good Health, everyone!

Mrs Goh

Our regular Japanese client, painstakingly choosing each and every 92 arowanas - all in a matter of 3 hours.

Young xbacks of 6-7 inches, with obvious high shine and pearlies.

The Japanese are very particular about PLJ, fortunately, most of our Xbacks have the perfect scissors bite.

When it comes to Xbacks, it's the solid shine that really matters ...

Some chosen 24K Gold Xbacks with 20-30% Gold lines on their heads, 14 inches.

A chosen Golden Head Xback with 50% GH, 14-15 inches.

Another 24K Gold with perfect scissors bite mouth, strong gold tone and an ultra high shine.

All carton boxes were lined up in preparation to be filled up.

Staff busy packing with an AVA Officer (squating in black T-shirt) making sure that all fishes tag numbers coincide with the tag numbers as appeared in the Singapore CITES export permit.

AVA's new official seals are placed at the top and bottom of each carton, to be inspected one more time at the Singapore Changi Airport, making sure that these seals are not being tampered with.