3 Shipments within a November week

Hi all,
From the 11th to the 17th November, 2014, we had one of our most stressful weeks. It does not matter that each shipment is relatively smaller, but the amount of preparation work, stress, worries, paper work, documentation is still the same for each shipment. So when 3 such shipment clashes into a single week recently, you can imagine our workload and worries ...

The first shipment to go was to the Philippines, then its two separate shipments to Canada - Montreal and Calgary. After the receipt of their respective shipments, our clients had one by one emailed or message us to say that they are indeed very happy with our fishes'election (all clients did not visit us for the fish selection) and that all fishes had arrived in good condition with 100% survival rate. Well, all of a sudden, we felt that all our hard work and worries seemed worthwhile and negligible.

As these 3 shipments happen almostack to back, hence, we apologize for the fewer pictures taken and posted. Nevertheless, do enjoy.

Mrs Goh

A Sapphire Gold Xback with bullet head, great body shape and fine pearlies.

Some 24K Gold Xbacks with THICK golden lines on their heads.

24K Gold Xback - Strong gold tone, very fine pearlies and almost full Golden brush on

Are you looking at me? 24K Gold Xback with yellow throat, fine pearlies and thick Golden Lines on head.

Indonesian Chilli Reds with High body and Long pectorals being re-exported.

A mixture of Indo Chilli and Blood Reds pre-selected for our clients.

When all is said and done - the Philippines shipment, ready to go.

The first shipment of the week, to Cebu in Philippines.

AVA Inspection Officer's signature car.

The last shipment on 17th November is to Calgary in Canada. Total flight and waiting time is estimated to be some 33 hours. Featured here is AVA's new security seal.

Last shipment to Calgary, Canada. But there are no pictures for the Montreal, Canada shipment due to our busy/tight schedule. Truly sorry.