Latest Arowana Pro-Shop - ARO-PACIFIC AQUARIUM

We are glad to announce the arrival of yet another Arowana Pro Shop in Singapore, Aro-Pacific , a partnership by three gentlemen, Perry, Simon and Irving. It is situated at 50, Yio Chu Kang Road, tel 2889505. The shop is located directly opposite Serangoon Central Sports Complex and there are ample parking space at the Sports Complex. Although the shop will only have its official opening next month, due in part to the Lunar 7th month, here are just a preview of DFI fishes being sold there. Thank You for sharing.

A quality, high end Emerald Blue Xback, tag 702088880006123. This 12-13 inch fish not only has a nice tag number, but its quality is also unsurpassed! Just look at the intensity of the 24K gold behind the eye region, deep red eyes, sharp pointing mouth/head and nice body shape. A star buy at only S$3,688.

The same fish with emphasis on the 3 back fins and shinny little pearls - all fully developed at such a young age, a trait which all top notch Xbacks must possess. Note also the bluish green based, neatly arranged scales. A definite plus point!

The above fish under anaesthesia. Colouration is very metallic and has already started to appear on the 6th row scales. Eye is slanted due to looking at the camera.

A rare, gold based Xback golden, tag 702088880006728. At merely 9-10 inches, colouration had already reached the 5th row complete, with shinny little pearls starting to appear. At only S$3,288, this is indeed a rare find! Grab it before its gone!

Take a good look at the 3 back fins, you will find gold rimmed scales and little pearls starting to appear near the dorsal fin area.

Look from afar, what you see is a high body, long bodied fish with large finnages. Head region is perfect, with smooth pectoral fins.