Introducing Mitra Reds !

Hi all,

Or maybe no? As they may not need that Introduction? Well, Mitra Reds have been imported into Singapore in the past few years. And judging from updates from their loyal keepers, it seemed that Mitra Reds are of a very high standard indeed.

Here we here, introducing their Chilli Reds as well as Blood Reds (indicated respectively in their Indonesian Certificates as such). More often than not, Chillis are thought to have a spoon head, bigger eyes, higher body and when compared to the Blood Reds, some may develop their colour slightly later. Blood Reds, on the other hand, are thought to have a longer but slimmer body, but tend to develop their colour relatively faster. But whether it is Chilli or Blood Reds, these are still known generally as Super Reds or Grade 1 Reds, nonetheless.

Do enjoy these fresh from the oven new pictures. Cheers!
Mrs Goh

Mitra Chilli Red - that unmistakle High Body and Spoon Head, 9-10 inches.

Chilli Reds with solid clour as well as very High & Broad body.

Another Chilli Red with all that desirable traits!

Mitra Blood Reds - Longer & Slimmer body with long pectorals, 8-9 inches.

Blood Reds with a nice body shape and longer pectorals ...

Blood Red in a fighting position its larger 3 back fins?