A major shipment to Japan, Sept. 2014

Hi all,

Not too long after our China's shipment, we were again busy with our Japan client's shipment. As usual, our Japanese client had flown here to hand pick his favourite fishes, one by one as the Japanese are well known the world over for being very meticulous and have a preference for all things perfect.

After some serious choosing, our client has settled on 70pcs of Xbacks and Indo Reds (both Shelook Reds as well as Farm B Reds). Although it was a rather taxing and tiring experience for us, but most importantly, our Japanese client was most happy after his stringent selection process. Here are some snapshots of the fishes and export procedures.

Do enjoy these new pictures. Cheers!
Mrs Goh

Some chosen Indo Reds - Shelook or Farm B reds?

A look at some hand picked Indo Reds - are these Shelook Reds?

A snapshot of some chosen Xbacks with high body and great shine ...(sorry for the blurry picture).

2 pcs of our 24K Gold Xbacks with some Golden Lines on heads (pardon for the darker photo).

Fishes under anaesthesia - note the 24K Gold on the right?

Xback with full pearlies in the export bag.

4 smaller fishes will take up one carton while for bigger fishes, only two.

Spore Government fish authority, AVA's security seal.

All cartons sealed with AVA security seals and ready to go!