Farm B fishes are finally here.

Dear All,

The much awaited Farm B fishes are finally here. Both Chilli Reds at 9-10 inches and Blood Reds at 8-9 incehs, certainly do not disappoint. Fishes were fed on frozen prawns, frogs while in Indonesia, and with proper lighting, their base colour seemed more obvious and much more attractive.

Like Farm A, we were also given special Introductory Prices for this first batch of Farm B fishes. Thus, all Farm B fishes will be priced very resonably and competitively. Since the local competition is also quite keen, we will price these fishes at the lowest possible, with no more room for price negotiations (unless you are buying a comm). Hope to have your kind understanding on this.

For local hobbysits, kindly PM or email us for prices. To purchase, please make an appt. with us one day in advance to come over to our farm for a wider range of selections. Terms is, however, Cash & Carry. And if you are simply too busy to come over, you may transfer online or at any ATM the full amount of the fish and an optional S$50 (per trip) and our part time driver would send the fish to you at your designated address at your convenient time.

For overseas hobbyists, kindly contact your local DFI agent (if there is already one in your country). Otherwise, if you are keen on importing 12 or more Reds, do PM or email to for more details.

Many thanks for your forthcoming support! Cheers!

Mrs Goh

Chilli Reds - higher bodied, spoon head and slight colour on cheeks.

A high bodied Chilli Red with scissors bite mouth, about 9-10 inches.

Chilli Reds - most have developed some colour on their cheeks, great for a 9-10 inch fish.

Chilli Reds - spoon head, high body, large 3 back fins and colour cracking on their cheeks.

Chilli Reds - great body shape with red lips and red barbels!

Chilli Red

Blood Reds - longer and slimmer body, longer pectoral fins beyond its pelvic fins and a larger tail.

Blood Reds - strong blue core with scissors bite mouth, about 8-9 inches.

Blood Reds - slightly smaller at 8-9 inches.

Blood Reds - great body shape, nice blue sheen and scissors bite mouths.

Blood Reds - Longer pectorals that extend beyond its pelvic fins, quite rare!

Blood Red