Emerald Blue Cross Back Golden

Today, we have sold some RTGs and 2 top of the range Emerald Blue Xbacks to Joy Access Trading. They are at Blk 415, Yishun Ave 11, #01-317. Tel is 7555188. Do take a peek at what we had to offer. Thanks.

A broad bodied fish with large finnages. This is a healthy fish with bluish green sheen on it's well arranged scales. Barbels are straight and long, eyes deep red.

The same fish, tag 702088880006166, at 12-13 inches. Colouration had already developed fully on its 5th row scales, with some beginning on the 6th. Swimming style is very graceful.

The above fish under anaesthesia. The deep metallic sheen on its body and solid gold gill plate is most obvious under such a situation.

Another look at the above fish. Scales are very neatly arranged, with shinning little pearls well developed at its dorsal fin area. S$3500.

Another very promising fish, tag 702088880006317. This 12-13 inch Emerald Xback has very solid 24K gold on its gill plate and, guess what, below its jaws! The whole fish is covered with thin framed scales, with the base, bluish green in colouration.

Need we say more? Colouration is complete on the whole of 5th row, and has begun on the 6th level already!

A last look at tag, 6317. This is one friendly fish that eats like a 'pig'! Give it anything, and it would just gladly take it. Do not missed out on this fish, as it promises colour intensity nothing less of a 24K gold. S$3800.