DFI August P14 and 9 inch Male BD

Dear All,

It has been awhile since we sell our imported P14 pups. This time round, these 2 pairs are already 6-6.5 inches, about 3 months old. Fed on market prawns and frozen/thawed small fishes, they are very stable and healthy.

For your enjoyment and consideration. Thank you all for reading. Please email to sales@dragonfish.com or PM us for an appointment to purchase these beauties.

Mrs Goh

Two pcs of Male P14 Galaxy from Germany. The bottom piece has already turned darker, 6 inches.

A beautiful Female P14 Galaxy from Germany, 6.5 inches.

Yet another gorgeous Female P14 Galaxy from Germany, also 6.5 inches. This piece has already turned darker.

The darker piece of P14 tail has already started to point upwards.

Base of the quality Male BD, about 9 inches.

Top view of the Male BD with double rims and TI forming.

Close up of the short paddle tail.

Frontal view to focus on its lovely Diamond eyes.

Another zoomed in look at the spots, with TI forming.