Full Helmet Golden Head Xbacks for Export, August 2014 (金头过背让您提前预订)

Dear All,

After fishes, B, C, G had been sold (offer now on for fishes, A, D, E and F), we had continued to receive inquiries for Full Helmet GHs. By FH, we are referring those GH Xbacks that have developed some 90-100% of their GH. Featured here are limited edition of 3pcs of the Full Helmets.

For your enjoyment and consideration. Thank you all for reading.

Please email to sales@dragonfish.com for price inquiries.
Mrs Goh

This ''H'' fish has about 95% Golden Head, and is about 17 inches long. This 24K Gold Bullet Head Xback has a long and broad body, some Unique scales near its tail and scissors bite mouth, nonetheless.

Close up of fish ''H'' head region.

Showcasing its 90-95% GH is this 24K Gold Xback. Fish ''I'' is also 17 inches, it has a nice Spoon Head and a very very High body. Full pearlies, too.

Top view of the ''I'' Xback head region.

Yet another Spoon Head Sapphire Gold Xback, with about 85-90% GH. Fish ''J'' is about 17 inches, too, and has a very High body and full pearlies.

''J'' Xback's close up GH region. And yes, you have guessed it, a scissors bite mouth.

''J'' Golden Head Xback has about 85-90% GH.

Close up of the fish K head region.

Fish K with Bullet head, high body and full pearlies.

A Bullet Head GH with about 85% GH, High Body, full pearlies and about 17 inches length.

Close up of fish L head region.

Fish L with Spoon head, high body and full pearlies.

A Spoon head GH with about 90-95% GH, also High Body, full pearlies, and about 17 inches, too.