Golden Head Xbacks for Export, July 2014 (金头过背让您提前预订)

Dear All,

Recently, we have been receiving inquiries for our Golden Head Xbacks. Since we rarely showcase them other than overseas customers selecting them at our farm, we thought we would like to photograph them for memeory keepsake as well as for all to enjoy before these fishes are being exported. And so if you are really keen in owning these quality xbacks, just mention fish A, B, C, D, E or F to us.

Thus, sit back, relax and enjoy. Thank you all for reading.

Mrs Goh

最近,我们总是收到查询我们金头过背的电子邮件及电话。由于我们很少 展示他们(除非海外客户在我们的鱼场选择它们之外),我们认为我们应在出口 前拍摄他们以做纪念及顺便供大家欣赏或预订(只提A, B, C, D, E 或F).



This ''A'' fish has about 80% Golden Head, and is about 17 inches long. This Spoon Head Xback is indeed our favourite fish as it seemed to have it all - high body, full pearlies, high Golden shine, large finnages and a perfect scissors bite.
身高体宽的''A"过背是我们的最爱! 80%金头, 17英寸长.

The same ''A'' fish, showcasing the other side of its body.
''A"' 过背的左侧, 近乎完美!.

Showcasing its 80% GH and Yellow throat is this ''A'' xback again.
有很高的光泽和合吻嘴的''A"' 过背.

Top view of the ''A'' Xback head region.

Are you looking at me? (''A'' Xback)

''A'' Xback's 3 back fins area confirming its fine pearlies.
' A'' 过背的后三鳍和小珠鳞。

''B'' Golden Head Xback has about 70% GH.
' B''金头过背有大约70%的金头。

''B'' Xback has a nice Bullet Head and is about 16 inches long.
''B''过背有炮弹头, 16英寸长 (头画如上).

''C'' Xback has about 60% GH and is about 14-15 inches long.
''C''过背有60%金头, 14-15英寸长.

''C'' Xback has a lovely Bullet head, long body with fine pearlies.
''C'' 过背也有炮弹的头形 (头画如上). .

''D'' Xback like ''É'' and ''F'', all have similiar 50% GH (picture showing ''D''s head).
'' D'' 过背像'' E''和'' F'',都有着类似的50%的金头。

''D'' Xback with 50% GH, Spoon head and very high body. Some unique scales at its base. About 15 inches.
''D'' 过背有汤匙头, 身高体宽, 15英寸长.

''E'' Xback with 50% GH, also with Spoon head and is about 15 inches long, too. Look at those fine pearlies?
'E'' 过背也有汤匙头, 15英寸长. 看那羡慕死人的小珠鳞!

''F'' Xback with 50% GH, Spoon Head, some Unique Scale Formation and fine pearlies. About 14 inches.
'F'' 过背也有汤匙头, 独特的鱼鳞模式 (不是生病!), 14英寸长. 也有美丽的小珠鳞!

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