BDs & BDleos for Sale (July 2014)

Dear All,
After a short hiatus, we are again selling some Stingrays. Stock levels are low, so if keen, please contact us ASAP via PM or email to Overseas buyers will have to pay a small premium as risk factors are involved whenever air shipments are concerned.

Thank you all for reading. Cheers!

Mrs Goh

A young Black Diamond (BD) female ray, about 5 inches. Spots are getting whiter as the day goes by. Fed on frozen small fishes and prawns. To be paired with the below male BD, no single female sales.

A young Black Diamond (BD) male ray, also about 5 inches. To be sold as a pair with the above female, S$3,800 a pair.

A quality BD Leo female, about 5 inches. To be paired with male A below at S$2,100 or male B at S$2,000. No single female sales.

Two quality BD Leo males. A is 6 inches while B is 5 inches. Single males can be purchased at S$900 (for A) or S$800 (for B).