Starry Starry Nights ...满天星

Dear All,
One week after the BD import, we are again busy with the P14 Royal Galaxy (RG for short) import. Bought as RG and thus will sell them as RG. Checked with both overseas as well as local Stingray breeders, these are confirmed Royal Galaxy as they all have 3 rows of rim spots. Called by the Mainland Chinese and Taiwanese as ''满天星'', hence, the inspiration for the title of this special posting.

Fishes come only in 3 pairs. Wanted to import more but stocks are limited at the moment. The smallest is 5.5 inches while the largest, 7.5 inches. All these stingrays were fed GS but soon will be converted to prawns and fishes by our farm. Do PM or email to for price enquiries.

Mrs Goh

Newly arrived, still in their original plastic bags.

Another carton also containing 3 fishes.

Two bags of P14 RG males, 7 inches, acclimatizing the temperature.

Two handsome P14 Royal Galaxy males, 7-7.5 inches.

A beautiful full spotted Female, 7 inches. To be sold with a Male in the picture above.

Another gorgeous Female, also 7 inches. To be sold with a Male in the picture above.

Female on left is 6.5 inches while Male on right is 5.5 inches. To be sold as a pair. This pair would be sold slightly cheaper than the above two pairs due to their relatively smaller sizes.

Close up shot of the P14 Royal Galaxy tail.

Looking from behind, a P14 RG male.

A pair of P14 RG males, 7-7.5 inches. Look out for more pictures tomorrow.