Introducing BDLeo & Pearl rays

Dear All,
In a bid to provide quality as well as reasonably priced Stingrays, both for the Export as well as the Local market, we are hereby introducing the much more affordable BDLeo and Pearl sting rays.

These Pearl rays featured here are of the lighter based, thicker frame type - purportedly more sought after than their darker based counterparts. As for BDLeos, they are mostly produced by a P13 Black Diamond (BD) dad using a P13 Polka Dot Ray (PDR) mum. The result is often a black based ray with more spots. For the higher quality BDLeo offsprings, you might even get rim sports like a pure BD (though some of these rim sports may or may not turn smallish later).

Enjoy these newly taken pictures. For any sales enqurieis, kindly PM or email to Thank you all for viewing. Have a great weekend.

Mrs Goh

Younger Pearl rays of 5-5.5 inches (2 females and 1 male). Sales are only in a pair of a male and a female. So you may choose a smaller female to match a bigger male, or vice versa.

Larger Pearl rays of 7 inches (2 males and 1 female). Sales are only in a pair of a male and a female.

A very fine specimen of a BDLeo male, with rim sports at 6-6.5 inches (this handsome male is for sale).

Close up shot of the paddle tail of the above BDLeo male.

As good as a BD ray? No, this is only a BDLeo male (same as pictured above).

One pair of higher-end BDLeo for booking, around 4.5-5 inches.