Introducing DFI's New Product Line, April 2014

Dear All,
Dear all, After some 18 years of professional breeding and selling of only one type of fish, ie the Asian Arowana or better known as the Dragon fish, we felt that it is time to move on and include another product line, the currently very popular Freshwater Stingrays. From now on, we would start trading, importing and exporting the P13 variant, Black Diamond (BD for short) stingrays.

Available for both local as well as export sales are these 3 pairs of BDs. All pups are bred by our Singaporean old friend of more than 10 years in the fish business. For local hobbyists, you may all already know him as a very trust worthy and hard-working guy. Sales are in pairs of a male and female, no individual pup sales, sorry. So for instance, you may like to pick say, M2 and F3 to purchase as a pair, or even M1 and F1 as a bigger pair...

Please PM or email us at for any sales enquiries. Thank you for your continuous support. And do have a relaxing and wonderful Sunday with your loved ones.

Mrs Goh

The underbelly shot of our first male, M1, at about 5.5 inches. Nice?

The M1 male whose u/b spots photo was featured as above. See its large round spots?

The M2 male with slightly smaller round spots, about 5 inches.

The M3 male with larger round spots, also about 5 inches.

The biggest F1 female pup, about 5.5 inches, too.

The F2 female pup with slightly smaller spots, about 5 inches.

The F3 female pup with relatively larger round spots, also about 5 inches.

And with our old friend's permission, we would like to share one of his wild caught Female brooder (on the left) with that of a captive bred Male brooder (on the right).

Two of the breeder's captive bred Males. The smaller Male on the right has some TI spots that runs all the way to its short paddle tail.

A short video at our friend's breeding facility showing a few wild caught Females and two captive bred Males.