Latest DFI Large sized Xback for Sales

We have more than 15pcs of the larger sized, Emerald Blue and Bukit Merah Blue Cross back goldens for sales. Prices would depend on size, quality and country of destination. Please email us for further queries. Thank you.

This 12-13 inch golden based Xback has got its shinny little pearls developed at its dorsal fin area. Head has got golden strips, indication of a top notch xback golden. Body is very wide for this specimen.

A 10 inch Bukit Merah Blue xback golden. It has the neatest arranged blue based scales. At such a young age, colouration has developed fully on its 5th row scales.

A 13-14 inches, Emerald Blue xback golden. This fish has got very high body, neatly displayed, bluish green scales. The spoon head is probably due to over feeding.

A rare, purple based 12 inch xback with well developed colour on its 5th row scales, and beginning on the 6th row too.

A 12 inch Emerald xback with well defined pearls at its dorsal fin area. Scales are bluish with only a slight tinge of green.

Another young Bukit Merah Xback with nice colouration and wide, long body.

Purple based xbacks are rare, more so for this quality, 13 inch specimen. Colour is taking on the 6th row scales and its head is very golden by nature. A rare find.