DFI Accepts Smaller Shipments, too.

Dear All,
Here is a smaller shipment to our neighbouring country, Philippines. Even the order is of 10 xbacks and 4 Ruby reds, we are glad to accept it in the hope of opening a new and bigger market. So, do not hesitate if your order is smaller, do email or PM us and let's discuss as our options are always open.

But since these are endangered fishes that we are exporting, and there are fixed costs (S$450 per shipment) as well as freight costs involved, if the quantities are too low like 5 or 6 fishes, it may not be worthwhile for you to import such smaller quantities. And for our farm, our workload is still the same, irregardless of whether the shipment is of 10 or 100 xbacks. Thus, we would like to seek your kind understanding on this. Cheers!

Mrs Goh

An unmistakle yellow rimmed 24K Gold with Golden Lines on Head.

A 8 inch Ruby Red with spoon head and high body.

Four carton boxes, some with 4 smaller fishes, while others with 3 bigger fishes.

Staff busy packing fishes into the styrofoam boxes.

An AVA Officer endorsing on the original CITES export permit - which will accompany the shipment.

AVA security seals on the carton's top and bottom.

Fully checked and everything is in order - get set to go overseas!