An Update on Ruby Reds

Dear All,
Here is a small update on our Ruby Reds. Fishes are all 8 inches long, with orangey lines starting to crack at the gill plate area. Body shape wise is High & Broad, and most do come with a Spoon Head. Base colour wise, mostly purplish with some fishes displaying a tinge of green. And most importantly, no PLJ (protruding lower jaw) had been observed in these fishes.

Currently still have many Ruby Reds available for export, from 6 inches to 8 inches. Interested importers kindly contact us via email or PM before end February, 2014 as the next batch would only be available somewhere in April or even May, 2014. Thank you all for reading.

Mrs Goh

A comm tank of Ruby Reds - all with red lips, red barbels and long pectoral fins.

Another tank load of Ruby Reds with darker based core.

Twin fishes featuring a great body shape and a fan shaped tail.

Colour has started to crack on its gill plate and a lovely purplish sheen can be seen on its scales.

Another gorgeous Ruby Red with large fan tail and purplish base.

Nice spoon head with a High & Broad body shape!

Merely showcasing this fish's great Body Shape & a lovely Spoon Head, too.

A smaller Ruby Red with a sharp pointed mouth, no PLJ had been observed in this specimen.