A really busy month of January, 2014 (Part 2)

Dear All,
Finally, come the day of the actual export. Preparations for such a 'Export' day usually starts a few days ago, thus, it is impossible to have last minute Arowana shipments. All fishes are certified healthy under the Singapore AVA Health Certificate. A Certificate of Origin would also confirm that these Xbacks were captive bred in our DFI's Singapore farm. These documents, along with the original CITES export permit, will follow the shipment to your arriving airport.

And just in case you still do not know, we are also Singapore's most productive CITES registered, Xback arowana breeding farm. With such huge quantities of Xbacks being produced, it would also mean that you would enjoy very low prices from us. So for those of you who are still comtemplating which arowana farm to import your arowanas from, hesitate no more .. contact DFI at sales@dragonfish.com for more info.

Last but not least, to those who celebrate the Chinese New Year, we would also like to take this golden opportunity to wish you and your loved ones, 一馬當先, 馬到成功! Happy Lunar New Year. Thank you all for viewing again.

Mrs Goh

A tank load of selected Xbacks - all ready to be tagged an unique microchip each.

Another tank load of selected fishes - all with high & broad bodies, high shine and scissors bite mouths.

A 24K Gold Xback with prominent yellow rimmed scales, full pearlies and a beautiful Spoon Head.

A Sapphire Gold Xback with pearlies, a great body shape (ie High & Broad) and a lovely Spoon Head. Love it's pose?

The same Sapphire Gold Xback as above, with 20-30% THICK golden lines on head (however, this fish will not be certified a Golden Head as the golden lines are less than 50%). Thus, our farm will only certify a Xback as a ''Golden Head'' when its golden lines amounts to 50% or more on its head.

An oddball with slight shark mouth which our Japanese client likes - very kawaii (cute) ! Love thye shine? Also fully crossed at 14-15 inches.

A smaller 24K Gold Xback with full pearlies and a much sought after, yellow throat ...

A scan had confirmed this fish tag number, which must correspond to the CITES Export Permit Tag List for this particular shipment.

Though most of our cartons would contain 4pcs of 7-9 inch xbacks, but if the Xbacks exported are larger at 12-14 inches, we may place only 3 or 2 bags/fishes in each carton.

Finally, security seals bearing the export date has to pasted on each carton box (not to be tampered with as there is yet another final check at the AVA office, Singapore Changi Airport - very strict indeed but its good news for everyone).