A really busy month of January, 2014 (Part 1)

Dear All,
After the shipment of 100 xbacks, we did 2 CNY Promo for the Singapore market. Then, just before Chinese New Year, we are exporting another shipment of 70 fishes, mostly Xback Goldens, to Japan. Once again, our Japanese client had flown some 7 hours to be in Singapore, just so he could select the very best for his clients.

Our Japanese client has spent some 4 hours this time, going through hundreds of fishes, before finally deciding on 70 fishes. Since we have taken more pictures of his selection this time, we would be posting pictures in two parts. First, is the selection on a Saturday, 25th January. Do enjoy these new pictures, just fresh out of the "oven" yesterday. Thank you all for viewing.

Mrs Goh

Selection of the 24K Gold Xbacks - one by one.

Then its the BMB Xbacks' turn.

The BMB Xbacks, our lowest priced Xbacks, still with good shine nonetheless, 8-9 inches.

Another take on the BMB Xbacks, with 5th row colour fully developed and pearlies developing.

A comm tank of our higher grade Xbacks - Sapphire Gold (top) and 24K Gold (bottom), 13-14 inches.

The next higher category after the BMB are the Sapphire Gold Xbacks. Full pearlies and even better shine for this Spoon Head specimen.

After the Sapphire Golds, the next higher category would be our 24K Gold Xbacks - unmistakable yellow rimmed scales, THICK golden lines on head and full pearlies.

Yet another 24K Gold with a gorgeous Bullet Head and an ultra good shine. Full pearlies, too!

Another selected Bullet Head 24K Gold with scissors bite mouth and a nice posture, 11-12 inches.

A comm tank of 24K Gold Xbacks, either Bullet Heads (top) or Spoon Heads (bottom) - we have them all. Just tell us your preference and we would do the rest.

DFI is looking for more overseas agents in Vietnam, The Philippines,Thailand, Indonesia, South Korea, Canada, etc etc. Do email to sales@dragonfish.com for more info.