A shipment of 100 Xback Goldens!

Dear All,
We had been really busy the days heading up to the actual export date, 14th January, 2014, when we are about to export 100 heads of our captive bred, DFI Xback Goldens to a neighbouring country. Fishes need to be first checked for defects, illnesses, injuries due to fighting and jumping, etc etc. Thereafter, we also need to condition these fishes for export.

And as with all previous shipments, an AVA (Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore) officers has visited our farm premises at the appointed time to check if all tagged Xback Goldens' microchip numbers do in fact matched 100% with those microchip numbers that had appeared under the Singapore CITES export permit Tag List? And in our case, of course, all 100 microchip tag numbers matched perfectly.

Despite a really busy day, we tried to find time to snap away some pictures for your viewing and enjoyment. Happy New 2014 to one & all, sincerely hoping that this year would be a better year for all Xback Golden breeders ...

Mrs Goh

A sample 24K Gold Bullet head xback golden with a great body shape, awaiting to be tagged.

Another high shine Sapphire Gold Xback 'saying' Goodbye to us.

Younger Xback Goldens of 9-11 inches still in the fibregrass, awaiting to be microchipped.

Just after tagging, some Xback Goldens displaying 6th row colour and golden dots on heads.

25 empty carton boxes, standing by, waiting to be filled with 4 bags of fishes each.

Inside our export room - cartons and cartons of water and fishes, filled to the brim.

The AVA officer was half an hour late for the fish inspection. Luckily, it was a midnight flight, so no problems.

The AVA officer checking EACH & EVERY Xback Golden's microchip tag number with that of the Spore CITES export permit Tag List.

Once it is checked and everything in order, security seals would be pasted on top and below the carton boxes.

A total of 25 cartons, containing our hard raised Xback Goldens, waiting to be sent to the Singapore Changi Airport. DFI is looking for more overseas agents in Vietnam, The Philippines,Thailand, Indonesia, South Korea, Canada, etc etc. Do email to sales@dragonfish.com for more info.