ChannelnewsAsia Visit

Singapore's MediaCorp News had selected our farm to be featured on their TV programme, THINKING ANIMALS. This programme will be televised next Tuesday, 31 July 2001, at 7.30pm in Singapore, Hong Kong and The Philippines. It will be televised at 5pm for India and 6.30pm for Jakarta, Indonesia. It is an interesting programme, featuring animals of all sorts, dogs, cats, fishes, etc. All animal lovers do tune in to this very outstanding programme. Surely a too good to be missed programme! Watch out for it.

The producer and the cameraman came in their company's panel van and was at our farm at 10am sharp, on 23 July 2001. .

First take, a few questions were posed and William answers them all one by one, without any 'NG'! To tell you guys a secret, the producer was truly impressed with William's confidence in front of the camera.

Taking close up shots of the fishes in our Quarantine Building.

Filiming outdoors under a hot sun was the cameraman and William.

Inside were some RTG broodstock, captive bred in DFI, for our future broodstock development.