A Very Busy November Week. 十一月里一个非常忙碌的一周

Dear All,
Due in part to the time of the year, when temperate countries are entering their Winter season, sales and exports of arowanas are also picking up during this period. However, when two shipments had clashed within days of each other, we would become extremely busy and stressed out. As before any export, the preparation work involved to condition and to tag the soon-to-be exported fishes are simply no easy feat. Not to mention, the amount of extra paper work involved - CITES permit application and collection, Health Certificate, Certificate of Origin, individual Fish Certificates, Packing List, AVA inspection, Flight booking etc etc.

Despite our busy schedule, we managed to snap some pictures, giving you all a rare glimpse into the days just before 2 exports. Do sit back and relax (like what we are doing now, ha ha) and enjoy these new pictures we have put together for you all. Thanks for viewing.

Mrs Goh

当温带国家在进入冬季时,龙鱼销售和出口 也在此刻增多. 当两批出口在同一周要出口时, 我们将非常忙碌. 由于任何出口前,准备工作涉及到很多事情 - 申请及领取CITES(濒危物种贸易公约)出口许可证,申请健康 证书,申请原产地证书,签发龙鱼证书,准备装箱单,通知AVA (新加坡鱼农部)来检查鱼和晶片,预订航班等等。

尽管我们在百忙之中,我们设法捕捉一些新照片,让大家享受这些新的照片. 感谢您的收看。


The 1st shipment on 12th November - a tankful of 3A (50%) and 4A (80-90%) Golden Heads awaiting to be tagged.
11月12日第1次出货 - 3A的金头(50%)及4A的金头(80-90%).

A Golden Head coming forward to 'kiss' us goodbye? Simply loved thy smooth pectoral fins ...
金头过背挺身而出,和我们'"吻别", 说再见!

More golden heads, about 12 inches long. Most are of the Bullet head types.

A close up shot of a 4A Golden Head (80-90% coverage), 13-14 inches - our client's favourite fish.
我们客户最喜欢的鱼 -4A金头(80-90%覆盖)的特写,13-14英寸.

Side profile of some 24K Gold Xback with full pearlies, like its high /broad body shapes and larger 3 back fins?
一些24K金过背的侧面 -喜欢它的高及阔身和较大的3后鳍?

A Golden Head in the individual plastic bags, awaiting for AVA inspection.

Yet another 4A Golden Head (80-90% coverage) for the 1st Shipment.
第1次出货 - 另一尾4A金头(80-90%覆盖).

An overview of the carton boxes for the 1st shipment on Tuesday, 12th November, 2013.

2nd shipment on Thursday, 14th November, 2013 with AVA officer (standing up and in black) checking all fishes' tag numbers, which MUST correspond 100% to the CITES Export Permit's Tag List.
2013年11月14日(周四)第二次发货. AVA(新加坡鱼农部) 官员(站立, 穿 黑T恤人士)检查所有龙鱼的晶片号码. 所有龙鱼的晶片号码必须和CITES(濒危物种贸易公约) 出口许可证的晶片列表100%符合, 方能出口.

The cute little AVA car.

The AVA security seals had to be pasted on top and bottom of all inspected carton boxes.
在AVA检查后, 将在所有纸箱顶部和底部贴上"防伪标签",

2nd shipment - all checked and sealed, awaiting for transport to the Singapore Changi Airport. With 18 years of export experience, our farm provides 100% Live Arrival Guarantee to any International airport in the World, even to as far north as Canada (more than 24 hours of flying time and waiting time at the airport - not a problem for us)!
第二次发货 - 检查和密封后的纸箱,等待运至新加坡樟宜 机场。随着18年的出口经验,我们的鱼场提供至世界任何国际机场100%活鱼到达 的保证,甚至远在北方的加拿大 (超过24个小时的飞行时间和在机场等候​​的时间), 对我们来说, 不是一个问题!