TFH MAGAZINE - Sept. 2001 Issue

MS MARY SWEENEY, Editor of the ever popular, Tropical Fish Hobbyist magazine had cordially invited DFI to contribute an article on the exotic Asian Arowana. We, at DFI, are proud to have contributed an article, entitled 'DRAGON POWER' in their September 2001 issue, the article running from pages 50-64. Thus, do get hold of a TFH magazine if you are keen to read up on this interesting article. Thank you.

Front cover of the TFH magazine, September 2001 issue. The article, 'Dragon Power', was contributed by William and Julia of DFI, pictures taken by William too.

Inside pages of the interesting article. Be sure to check it out!

Another view of the TFH article.

Also, a Thailand magazine, SMARTPET, had visited our farm during the Aquarama 2001 show to conduct an interview. Though many things had been written about our farm, we do not know exactly what was written as the article was published in Thai language. Sigh!

Inside pages of the write up on DFI.